Joseph Magaddino Architecture


Our Role: Architectural services are the most important part of the building process. With our thirty years of architectural experience, we provide our clients with the cost-effective assistance that guides them smoothly through every phase of the project’s development. The finished value of the construction project will not only be increased due to the well-developed design, but also, the use of our detailed construction drawings will maximize construction efficiency and minimize change orders.

Our Mission: The goal of Magaddino Architecture is to first make the client’s vision our own and then to develop a design that best accomplishes that vision by leading an effective and caring project team which may includes the general contractor, engineers and other consultants. The architect and project team work to provide the client with a high quality of craftsmanship, an efficient construction process and an adherence to the projected construction budget. Communication among all project participants is the key to accomplishing these goals. To insure a smooth flow of information the client and the project team are kept abreast of the design and construction process through e-mail, digital photos, video and telephone.

Our Style: When asked what style of building we design, we answer that we are not limited one style of architecture. Initially the client’s visions and needs provide the inspiration that shapes the design, then Magaddino Architecture’s design development process leads to a well thought out, imaginative solution that reflects those visions and needs.